Oled siin:Uudised / 25 juuni 2008 / Võistluskutse RC-2M klassi Põhjamaade meistrivõistlustele / Võistluskutse RC-2M klassi Põhjamaade meistrivõistlustele

Võistluskutse RC-2M klassi Põhjamaade meistrivõistlustele

Sisestanud Anonüümne - postitatud25 juuni 2008

Hi to all soaring model flyers in the Nordic and the Baltic country’s.

Invitation to Nordic 2M Championship (Post class)

S.M.S.K. Sjaellands Modelsvaeveflyveklub hereby invite all Nordic soaring glider pilots, who fly RE models (Rudder & Elevator) with a max wingspan of 2m to compete in the Nordic 2m postcompetition (post class).The competition will be held according to S.M.S.K.'s 2m set of rules & regulations. The date is set to august 10th 2008, with a reserve day on sunday august 31st 2008, if the weather turns ugly on the 10th. Flying is allowed on both days, but the results from the best day will count in the competition. Every contestant will fly at minimum 2 rounds (preferably more). If more rounds have been flown, the best 2 will count.

Please note that there must be a timekeeper to time the flyingtime, as well as measure the landings. The timekeeper does not necessarily have to be a model pilot herself. But oftentimes it will be another one of the contestants.

S.M.S.K. Sjaellands Modelsvaeveflyveklub have contributed a wandering trophee. The winner of the trophee will be directly contacted and we will reply with the result list to all, who have participated and e-mailed in their results in the competition.

The results are sent to Steen no later than september 4th 2008 to per E-mail til: post@smsk-rc.dk or to steen.hoj@mail.dk. Should any questions arise - please also use these e-mail addresses.

Results can also be submitted by snail-mail to: Steen Hoej Rasmussen
Tjoernehusene 20
DK–2600 Glostrup

If you do not have the rules, they can be downloaded from here in English:

S.M.S.K. Sjaellands Modelsvaeveflyveklub
Steen Hoej Rasmussen

Note I. You are encouraged to send pictures of contestants and their models.
Note II. Regards to Aado Salumae in Estonia, Karlis Plocins in Latvia, Ralf Koivula og Erkki in Finland, Bjoggi in Iceland samt Egli Roland in Norway from me.